We believe that students will rise to the expectations we have for them, therefore Lincoln Christian Academy sets high academic and behavioral standards for our students. We also believe that children must be cognitively ready to grasp new concepts. Chronological age is not necessarily an accurate indication of cognitive development, so students need to be given the opportunity to work at their ability level. Furthermore, learning begins with the concrete and moves toward the abstract. Therefore, we offer as many opportunities as possible for students to experience learning “first-hand” through field trips, guest speakers, and projects.

We recognize that students learn in different ways, so we offer learning experiences that are visual, auditory and kinesthetic in nature. In addition, we believe that every child exhibits strength in one or more areas of intelligence. Therefore we offer learning experiences that will help children to develop the following areas of intelligence.

  • Linguistic – Having the ability to use words effectively.
  • Logical-Mathematical – Having the ability to reason well.
  • Musical – Having a keen ear and sense of rhythm.
  • Spatial – Having the ability to perceive and transform things visually.
  • Kinesthetic – Having grace or agility, using one’s body in a highly skilled way.
  • Interpersonal – Being gifted at understanding others.
  • Intrapersonal – Having deep insight into oneself
[stm_pricing_plan title=”PRESCHOOL-TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN” color=”#d6b142″ button=”|title:PRE-K%20PROGRAM|”]LCA offers a Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten program. In all areas of our program, Christian education is inherent as teachers demonstrate God’s love. Learn more about our programs on our Pre-K page.[/stm_pricing_plan]
[stm_pricing_plan title=”KINDERGARTEN-8TH GRADE” color=”#d6b142″ button=”|title:K%20-%208th%20Program|target:%20_blank” css=”.vc_custom_1535045064247{padding-bottom: 100px !important;}”]At LCA our students are learning to love God and serve the community. They are challenged to excel in reading, writing, and problem solving. Learn more about our programs on our Elementary page.[/stm_pricing_plan]