YOU Built a Playground!


We are so close to having our playground signed off and ready to play on!  We are waiting for a break in the wet weather that will allow the water in the two footings holes to drain out.  As soon as the holes are clear, the city will come out to complete the final inspection.  We will let you know as soon as we are approved.

Words cannot express how thankful we are to those of you who gave up time on your weekend to provide the labor for our playground installation.  In less than two days you jack hammered 24- eighteen inch holes, hauled and mixed 100 bags of concrete, moved numerous wheelbarrows of dirt, tightened countless bolts, set and leveled twenty-four posts and much, much more and all in the blazing sun!  As we strive to teach our children about serving others, you are a living example of what it looks like.  Our children will soon experience the joy of playing on the structure and we will remind them that regardless of their ages, they can choose to serve and bring joy to others, just as you have done.  As you recover from the exhausting work and your sore muscles recover, know that your efforts will impact the lives of children here at LCA for years to come!

God Bless you!

Jenny Tandy