Our Curriculum



Biblical Principles are the backbone of our educational program at Lincoln Christian Academy. Each morning begins with prayer and our first subject of the day is Bible. Bible lessons are taught through a nondenominational Bible curriculum. Students memorize Bible verses and sing choruses. Every Wednesday we have a school-wide chapel. We often invite different Christian community leaders to speak during Chapel. All of our curriculum is presented from a Biblical world view that encourages children toward excellence and integrity. Most importantly, Biblical principles are modeled by our staff.

Language Arts

Reading is essential to all academic learning; its importance cannot be overemphasized! Lincoln Christian Academy uses a strong phonics program to teach reading beginning in kindergarten. Phonics are reinforced through a systematic spelling program that begins in the first grade and continues through the eighth grade. Reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary skills are further developed in the middle grades.

Formal language skills are taught at every grade level beginning with the first grade. Penmanship is taught throughout the elementary grades. Composition is emphasized at every grade level across the curriculum. Students are taught public speaking skills beginning with kindergarten. Students are given opportunities to practice speaking orally before an audience at every grade level. Students are also taught to use multimedia tools for communication.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is an innovative way we teach our students how to write without the pressure and tedium of having to come up with new ideas (especially when young minds simply lack the vocabulary and life experiences from which to draw).

This program gives the student the tools to write a good paper:

  • Synonyms to replace common words with words of a higher caliber, teaching which part of speech these words “dress-up”
  • Sentence openers and clauses that are taught in a language the student can relate to

We have seen reluctant student writers become excited about writing and dare we say even think it is fun!


Traditional arithmetic and math concepts are taught through a comprehensive math program. Students are expected to memorize math facts and apply math concepts to problem solving. Advanced math concepts are taught at the Middle School level in addition to utilizing Khan Academy to enhance learning and engagement.

Social Studies

History is taught from a Biblical world view. Special emphasis is placed upon our rich American heritage, and the history of the ages from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Students also study geography beginning in the primary grades.


Units in Physical and/or Life Science are taught at every grade level. Lincoln Christian Academy teaches science from the viewpoint of intelligent design.

Physical Education

Physical education is a part of the curriculum at every grade level. In addition to daily exercise and playground activities, students participate in age appropriate PE units which include:

  • Establishing a positive, productive  and cooperative learning environment  Health-related physical fitness
  • Movement concepts such as directions, levels, speed, force, and creative movement
  • Under arm movement patterns- ball rolling throwing, catching, striking
  • Balance
  • Basketball related skills
  • Striking objects with long handled implements
  • Overarm movement patterns
  • Kicking and trapping
  • Side arm movement patterns
  • Jump Rope Club

Older students will learn sports related skills in multiple team and individual sports such as:  football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, badminton, softball, golf, tennis, running, and cycling.

Fine Arts

Art, Art History and Music Theory are taught in all grade levels.  In addition, students will have opportunities to perform in drama and chorus presentations.


Provides all of our students a basic understanding of music theory by teaching them to read music.  Students also delve into the history of music by learning about composers and their musical compositions.  Let’s not forget the singing!  The students sing both worship and fun songs during the time they meet. They also are able to practice for our musical presentations -which they enjoy!